Becoming an Agent
Thank you for you interest in becoming an agent for Ohio Transport Corporation. OTC is seeking agencies with at least 5 or more units to add to our fleet. The benefits of being an agent are described below.

Our Commitment to You:
First and foremost, Ohio Transport is committed to supporting your business in a variety of ways, depending upon your level of participation within the company.  We ask you to sign no contract or change the way you currently do business, as we believe that if we do our part as promised, there is no need for contracts to be written.  Our entire staff is available to you to assist in all your needs.

What We Do For You:
What does Ohio Transport do for you as an agent?

  • Provides all liability and cargo insurance and safety support.
  • Provides accounts receivable and collections on your accounts.
  • Provides pay weekly by trip.
  • Provides driver advances.
  • Provides assistance in getting your equipment loaded and back to their home terminal.
  • Allows you to be free to operate and run your business with little or no involvement from Ohio Transport, unless you request it.
  • Ohio Transport will NEVER back sell your customers.
  • Provides truck permitting and authority.
  • Allows greater financial participation as you grow.
  • Sets up your agency as you want it, how you get paid, what percentage, etc.
  • Encourages you to become a freight broker, utilizing our brokerage license and increased percentage.
  • Encourages you to grow by adding independent owner operators to supplement your current fleet.

Last, the most important area is pay.  We pay the trucks starting at 75% of the gross revenue of the load, and the Agent then receives 8% commission.  We are willing to arrange these percentages in any manner that would benefit your operation.  In time we can offer you even more advantage, such as additional percentages, free permits, paid fuel taxes, etc.

While this list is not all-inclusive, we hope this is enough information to stimulate your interest. Contact our operations or sales departments to answer any questions you may have.
The toll-free number is: (800) 354-4526 or email
Click here to download the Agent Form Or Fill the Form Online